Welcome to the imagen8 home page, the home of web design and interactive media where imagination flows into realism. This website was created as a showcase of a collection of some past and present original digital work (including some current ‘work-in-progress’), which explores the breadth of current technology and its content created and applied to website design.

The web is a very dynamic platform with infinite possibilities, and while the content’s messages remain similar in style, its current trends in hardware and software formats are what govern how the content design is applied. As a unique communication tool, the worldwide web remains as the largest, fastest, and most powerful base with the broadest selection of media possibilities for reaching customers/clients/groups on a global scale. It is a true multimedia experience.

Imagen8 is a brand name and trademark, which it is hoped will be recognized throughout this website and beyond. I hope you enjoy your visit to my portfolio, and please take the time to offer any comments or questions on my Contact page. For a "responsive" version of this website, please click on the following link:- "Mobile"